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Insights – Oh Sweet Corporate Retreat

For most, the corporate retreat is often an obligation of some kind.  Obliged to your employer, co-worker, subordinate and supervisor to attend, participate and engage, perhaps even lead.  And obliged to your family, savings plan, monthly bills to protect your income.  For the most fortunate, those that take a corporate retreat in the Cayman Islands, this commitment becomes less obligation and more an embraced anticipation.


While many Caribbean islands, including the Cayman Islands, rely on tourism to feed the economy, the Cayman Islands also welcomes other industries such as real estate, banking, finance, and (what comes with “all that”) … legal services.  These activities attract visitors that seek business as a path to leisure.  With English as the official language, a close proximity to the U.S., infrastructure that is supported by the UK, and a well educated population, there is much to entice meeting and convention decision makers to Grand Cayman.  Find some quick FAQ’s here.


At Coral Stone Club, we have welcomed many a guest on-island for a corporate retreat or conference.  Some stay with us as an overflow from brand hotels nearby.  Others extend their stay in Grand Cayman and follow-up with a vacation, often with other friends or family joining them … thus a condo becomes more suitable accommodation.  A central location and extra living space are usually motivating factors to coming here, but for many it’s that Coral Stone Club has the 2nd largest piece of beach on Seven Mile Beach, and when you factor in the number of guests using the beach, it has the most space per guest.







We recently welcomed some guests into ten of our units from Captive Forum, which is an annual conference for over 1,200 insurance managers held immediately after Thanksgiving.  “I love having them here,” says reservations manager Corina Cridland “it’s nice to have guests at a time the island normally quiets down considerably.”  Other groups that visit regularly are the Bearacuda Dive group and a recent welcome to JETEX, which provides global aviation services.

So, the next time your employer is seeking an ideal location for a corporate retreat, why not suggest Grand Cayman?

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