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food on grand cayman

Welcome to “Insights”, where you will learn all sorts of interesting things about Grand Cayman, our guests, owners and staff, and generally anything related to… food!

That’s right. After quick review of all the subjects we want to cover over the weeks, months (and years) to come, it was very easy to select the most ideal topic for our first post. The one subject that interests all our owners, guests and staff – regardless if visitors are vacationing with family, celebrating a wedding, or having fun with friends… or if a staffer is a lifelong Caymanian or recently settled here via another Caribbean island, nearly everyone that passes through Coral Stone Club, Grand Cayman, is passionate about food. From restaurant reviews to local recipes, we will share with you the “best of the best”, particularly along Seven Mile Beach.

Without a doubt, our favorite restaurant on Grand Cayman is Edoardo’s, conveniently located right across the street. We actually had to question ourselves if that is the reason why we love it so. After we counted 18 restaurants within similar walking distance (many of them we like!), we still shook our heads and without hesitation can say Edoardo’s is top notch, all the way. It’s not just the quality of the food, but the warm ambiance, exceptional service, and general feeling from being served Italian food, by Italian people. Makes one want to quote, “leave the gun, take the Canole.” (The Godfather).

We are at a loss because almost any dish we have had is expertly prepared, very tasty, and served efficiently, giving you the feeling you are in someone’s home, perhaps even in Italy. If we were forced to name our favorite, the variety of mussels offered is so yummy and a lot of fun too. Try ordering them all and sharing. The tastiest is definitely the saffron. The mussels are plump and fresh, with a buttery taste and the sauce bursts with flavor. For an entrée, you can’t go wrong. The rack of lamb is superb (which is highly unusual when traveling the Caribbean), as is any pasta dish (of course).

wine on grand cayman


The owner of Edoardo’s Raffaele Dell’Oglio recently contacted us (he’s a fan, or he likes us, or he’s “linked” or something like that), which gave us an opportunity to ask, “what’s your favorite dish?” Here is what he said:

“As an appetizer, the gnocchi edoardos. As pasta fradiavolo or with Gamberi Al pesto. As main filet cambonzola or mixed fish grilled or zuppa di pesce or suprema of chicken.”

Despite our feelings on the subject, we realize our guests and followers have all kinds of thoughts on their favorite island restaurant dishes. Here is a sampling of what our Friends on Facebook had to say.

If you should find yourself seeking out a garlic press or zester, don’t hold back checking with the front desk. Chances are an owner will have this and be willing to lend it, for a small fee. We can’t say for sure, but they might invite you in for a glass of wine. But don’t take our word for it that foodies abound in Grand Cayman, even the tourism board supports tasty ventures. Just take a look at Cayman cookout… held conveniently right next door to Coral Stone Club, Grand Cayman.

Not interested in cooking in? Of course, why would you be? Many of you are planning a relaxing family vacation on Seven Mile Beach. That means you will stock up from the supermarket across the street (for quick breakfast and lunch fixin’s in your unit) and stop in at the liquor store on the way back (who wants to pay island prices for drinks out the whole time you are on vacation?) and will unload your cart straight into the refrigerator, leaving it in our parking lot (where an attendant will return it). At night, though, we know you are looking to take your family on a mouthwatering journey of Grand Cayman, so make sure to check out our new web site for restaurant suggestions, the restaurant page links to their web sites, and maps to get there.



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